Vintage Cafe Racer inspired eatery that serves gourmet burgers, with breakfast also up for grabs!
The BEST RANGE of CRAFT BEERS in the area – some on tap, some in bottle.

The History of
the Cafe Racer Movement

So the term “Cafe Racer” basically translates to “customized bike” – “bike with modifications” – “unique bike”. The movement started in Britain after the Second World War. The boys that came back home after the war obviously had a lot of training (mechanically) and needed a way to release their need for adrenaline – they would modify mid-size-engines to gain insane levels of performance out of them and then race one another on public roads. So in Britain you had the Cafe Racer-movement and in America they started the Hot Rod -movement.    

The ultimate accolade would be for your bike to reach “The TON” – a slang term for your modified motorcycle to reach 100mph. 

The Grub

All the dishes names have personal or some type of meaning in one way or another… Below I will name a few that is on the current menu

Smoked Pork patty with creamed portabellini mushrooms, roquefort and honey marinated red onion.
This is named after a famous-type of Cafe Racer. A Triumph Bonneville engine built into a Norton frame – hence the name TRITON.

Wheeler HD
Beef Brisket patty, cream cheese, bacon, mac ‘n cheese & sundried tomato oil.
Named after ALEX WHEELER… He and his team from Apocalypse built 60 motorcycles for the Harley and the Davidsons – series on Discovery Channel. Once aired internationally in October 2016, he donated the 1903 Indian.

Beef Brisket patty with grilled pineapple, bacon, sliced banana and condensed milk.
Named after Mika (waitress that served your table). I don’t truly get on with many people, but I have a lot of time for her and hold her in high admiration for the unique person she is.

Fat FΩ#k Freckles
Beef Brisket patty with jalapeño, back bacon, hummus, chilli aïoli, fried egg and gouda.
So the one day an ex-girlfriend of mine came to the restaurant with her new boyfriend. The guy was a ginger, big and rather fat, with plenty of freckles. He ordered the Isle of Man burger and added extra bacon and egg to it – that pissed me off for obvious reasons. but he became a regular client and without knowing why the burger was named that; it became the dish he ordered every time he dined here.

The Café Racer –Somerset West Concept

The venue (The Beehive building) is old and has become rather dilapidated over the last 8-10years. When I was contacted to view the site. I wanted to focus on business in Somerset West and saw this as a great opportunity “bring life back” to the old part of Somerset West Main Rd. I knew that the restaurant would need a strong theme and couldn’t just be another place that makes good steaks, pizzas or burgers – it needed various levels of engagement for patrons to get involved. I started playing around with the cafe racer-theme it really brought together my passions of food and bikes; working in perfect harmony. I always tell patrons that we’re not different for the sake of being different – we simply are different. Interestingly enough we attract very few “bikers” – more people that want to find out more about cafe racers and get advice on getting their own projects started. We have patrons that come here for the bikes and the culture behind it; for the burgers and/or for the craft beer offering we have. It is truly a place where clients and staff feel at home.

The front of house girls are encouraged to showcase their individual personalities and in this way built a personal, yet professional with regular clients – casual, yet professional.




Free WI-FI

MR D Available



Physical Address: 43, Wesley street Strand (old Rodenburg butchery) WC / RSA 
Tel: (067) 059 0537    |    Email:  jan@thecaferacer.co.za